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About Us


CaribGem Sea Moss is a family-owned business operating in Toronto, Ontario. After years of being uninformed about the benefits and preparation of sea moss, during a family trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2020, we were educated on all aspects of sea moss. We experienced firsthand the planting, harvesting and preparation of sea moss for market by our own family members. With the enriched knowledge, we were motivated to practice what we learned, sharing the knowledge, and making sea moss available to others. With our customers’ health in mind along with the investment in sea farmers, we have ventured in making sea moss accessible and affordable to all.


CaribGem Sea Moss aims to continuously provide customers with nutritious and healthy products made from high quality, sustainably sourced, clean and 100% pure sea moss. Our goal is to showcase the versatility of sea moss as an ingredient which combines well with others along with starring on its own. We hope to educate customers and transform their view of sea moss for it to become a main staple in their diet.


Our mission is to provide customers with natural and organic sea moss products that promotes health and well-being of everyone that desires to live a healthy lifestyle. We are a responsible, committed, and sustainable company in our day-to-day operations and practices. CaribGem Sea Moss has a key role to play in the preservation of mother nature. At CaribGem Sea Moss, for every sea moss raw product sold we will donate $1 dollar to an ocean-base charitable organization such as Oceana to help protect the ocean and keep it safe.


CaribGem Sea Moss value our customers’ health and enriching their experience while sourcing our products and services. Customers can trust that our sea moss products are 100% organic, natural, vegan, gluten free, and chemical-free which is beneficial for maintaining health. We are committed to providing the best high quality Sea Moss at an affordable price.


CaribGem Sea Moss believes that sustainability promotes all aspect of life and fosters the growth and longevity of everyone. CaribGem Sea Moss is currently sourced from hardworking and conscientious local Sea Moss farmers in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by using reusable and recyclable packaging and caring for the environment, natural resources, and our customers.

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seamoss salad